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Super Smash Boos - Pikachu - [tag]
Armed with its “Static” ability, Pikaboo is ready to rumble! Sparks are gonna fly with this little critter on the field, get ready for an electrifying battle!
In the lead-up to the release of the new Super Smash Bros. games I am going to attempt making a Boo for every announced character.
There’s a lot to get through so reblog letting me know which character you’d like me to Boo next!
Be sure to click the tag to see what’s been done already too!


when people send me kind messages


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give me ur address and i’ll rate the way u sleep and the way you bathe

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So when Miley Cyrus or Katy Perry bring black girls on stage, dance with them, acknowledge their figures- it’s offensive and appropriating. But, when Nicki Minaj makes an entire video focusing around black girl’s asses and asserts her power, reduces these women to objects and flaunts her authority it’s YAAASSSSS NICKI SERVE IT. Is that because she’s black? So it’s okay for people of the same race to dance with each other but someone who does not share the same levels of melanin enters the picture, they’re doing something wrong? …idgi